How to choose a sprayer pump

July 1,2022.

There are a range of different pumps to choose for agricultural sprayer. Trying to find a suitable sprayer pump for your appliation can be inefficient and frustratring. especially given all of the different key points to consider when choosing.

There are three main things to be aware of when choosing a 12 v pump when spraying:

1.The task

2.Liters per minute (LPM)


We'd like to recommend Singflo 12v pumps to all of our customers.

12v pump for small Boom spraying or knapsack sprayer.

When you're using a small boom, like off the back of your ATV or knapsack sprayer, suggest you Singflo FLO-2203 12v diaphragm pumps. Flow rate is 2.6LPM with high pressure 70psi (4.8bar). it's self-priming pump and deliver water to 4.8m high. lower power 2.6A. you just need small battery like 12V 8H, or 12V 7H etc.

12v Pump for Medium Boom spraying (4-6M)

For medium boom spraying, suggest the pump betwwen 15-20LPM and 40-60psi to get the job done.

Fitting into this category are pumps required to run boombless nozzles. there are different boomless nozzles so check the specifications if you have one. Some need flows of over 10l/min and will not work effectively at lower flows.

Recommend the Singflo 12v pump 15L/mim (4GPM) 55psi, 1/2'' port size. 

Triplex low pressure, high flow , diaphragm pumps are self-priming and can run dry without damage.

Duty cycle is working intermittent but can be run continuously for short periods of time.

The Singflo high-pressure 12-volt pump has an internal bypass and it has proven to be a real workhouse when it comes to agricultural chemical spraying.With a 1/2''male/female inlet and outlet. Santoprene diaphragms and Viton seals. it's very suitable for most Ag chemical sprays.

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