How to troubleshoot bilge pump and find the solution quickly

December 2,2022.

How to troubleshoot bilge pump and find the solution quickly

       No one has too much thought on bilge pumps, because they are the unloved cousins of boats or ships. 

Until the bilge pump stops working, and then you might, literally, sunk! There are limited components with an electric bilge pump, so only a few things that would cause the problem with it. Below flow diagram will assist you inspect every component, find out the problem and solution quickly, and let you set your sail again!                 

Non-Automatic Bilge Submersible Pumps

Singflo 12V bilge pumpSingflo 12v 3700GPH bilge pump

       Wiring to bilge pumps and float switches must be tidy and well organized. Ensure that any cable connections are well made, using proper butt connections covered with adhesive-lined heat shrink, to prevent from water and corrosion at bay.

Float Switch HYBS-20-01
It is normal if there is a small amount of water in the bilge, so no need to sweat it when you see a little puddle in the bilge. However, if more than an inch or two, it could be a problem. Look into your boat and find out what’s normal; a rising water level should be investigated without delay.

Trouble Shooting

       When you meet a bilge pump problem, please start at the top of this troubleshooting guide and work your way down until you’ve found and fixed it. If you roll down to the bottom but still haven’t solved or, at the very least, diagnosed the problem, then you may contact a qualified technician or test with an electrical equipment.
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